Monday, September 03, 2007

A Pilot’s Guide to Safe Flying

The publisher mCOVE Resources informs Thirty Thousand Feet that the Pilot’s Guide to Safe Flying is now available to Flight Schools around the world at a 25% discount when used as a gift to student pilots in recognition of an achievement, such as obtaining their private pilot license. describes the book:

This internationally praised Australian manual is essential reading for all GA pilots.

This practical book is perfect for GA pilots and student pilots to learn the accumulated wisdom of avoiding the pitfalls that have trapped many pilots over the years.

It summarizes the ways of avoiding situations that can potentially impair the safety of a flight. It covers almost every topic relating to safe flying and provides the single pilot with an extremely useful framework for gaining and maintaining knowledge in this important area. Easy to read and focusing on the facts a pilot really needs, this book will help the reader develop the confidence in their decision making that will lead to safer flying.

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority thought so highly of the book, they are including a copy with every new private pilot license they issue.

See for details about the Flight School discount. Individuals can also purchase the book through

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